What We Do?

We specialize in building and maintaing softwares products and services on Google Cloud Platform.  Our expertise also includes gathering requirements online using cloud based tools. These requirements are then implemented to build various software products and services. We also create and maintain e-commerce websites for our customers so that they can sell there products online. We also help small businesses to move there business online by creating there websites and other software tools. Our software services can broadly be defined into five categories like Software Services & Consultancy, Software Products, Cloud Services, E-Commerce Services and building websites.

Software Services & Consultancy

We build custom software for companies so that they can run there businesses efficiently. We understand the needs of the business and provide software solutions using the latest available technologies on cloud platform. We also build cloud based software products for specific business domains to reduce the time it takes to implement customized software. If required, these software products can be customized to suit business needs. 

We provide end to end technical support right from initial phase of understanding the business requirement, provide software solutions through software product or by building the customized software. We implement these solutions and provide maintenance and support throughout its life cycle.

Software Products

We specialize in creating cloud based products that allow businesses to be more efficient and also allow there customers, vendors and employees to work online from anywhere. We provide these software products as services (Software as a Service - SaaS) and also customize them for our business clients who have specific requirements. All our software products use latest available technologies supported by Google Cloud Platform.

Currently, we have two cloud based software products namely Account and Taxation Management (ATM) and Catering Managment System (CMS).  Account and Taxation Management (ATM) is a financial cloud based software product that allows businesses to maintain there accounts and tax related data. Catering Managment System (CMS) is a inventory management cloud based software created for catering industry.

Cloud Services

We help buisnesses to modernize there existing application(s)/softwares and reduce there costs of running, maintaining, and securing there application(s)/softwares. We achive this by moving there traditional desktop based application(s)/softwares and there business data deployed on On-Premise servers to Google Cloud Plaform. This allows businesses to run there application(s)/software more efficiently and securely.

E-Commerce Services

With our software services covering web design, development, marketing, managed services and hosting, our solutions help your business thrive. We believe that eye-catching design and effortless functionality are two sides of the same coin. The goal of every project is to effectively communicate your message by marrying form and function into a seamless, user-friendly e-commerce software product.